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26 FIG. 2-11 (b). Typical ABB CRD housing. 27 Weld Buildup RPV In-Core Housing FIG. 2-12. In-core housing. 28 Jet Pump Beam Inlet Mixer Nozzle Riser Brace Inlet Mixer Riser Core Shroud Wedge Diffuser Collar Core Plate Recirculation Inlet Nozzle Diffuser Adapter Reactor Pressure Vessel FIG. 2-13. Jet pump assembly. 29 Flange Clamp Cover Bellows Pin Reactor Pressure Vessel Thermal Sleeve Sleeve Flange Core Shroud FIG. 2-14. LPCI coupling. 30 Ring Flange Reactor Pressure Vessel Upper Ring Upper Shell Middle Ring H1 H2 H3 Middle Shell H4 Lower Ring Weldlines H6a H6b Lower Shell Shroud Support Cylinder Shroud Support Plate Shroud Support Leg H7a H7b FIG.

Fatigue is a potentially significant degradation mechanism for the jet pump and further evaluation of programmes to effectively manage age-related degradation is required. Other RPVIs In the case of all other internals components the stress and cycling ranges are such that cyclic analysis is not required per ASME Code Section III NB-3200. This is confirmed by design calculations, startup test measurements and service experience. Due to an absence of significant cyclic stress, fatigue is not significant for other components of RPVIs important to safety.

Identical ABB-type NPP units, Olkiluoto 1 and 2, were taken into operation on 1978 and 1980. In both units the power is upgraded from original 660 to 840 MWe. The licensing of upgrading included the updating of safety analysis of systems including RPVIs in accordance with current code requirements. 5. Requirements in Switzerland In Switzerland there are two BWR units. One plant, a GE BWR-4 type, was taken into operation in 1971, the other, a GE BWR-6 type plant, is operating since 1984. Regulatory guidelines are provided by the HSK, the Swiss Federal Nuclear Inspectorate.

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