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This peak corresponds with the high-frequency portion of the predominantly audible cry produced by Peromyscus young (Hart and King, 1966; Smith, 1972), but Smith has also observed sounds at 70 kHz and there is, as yet, no evidence of a peak at this frequency in any members of the genus so far studied. 8 kHz and occasion- 40 A. M. BROWN AND J. D. PYE ally up to 32 kHz. The best sensitivity occurred between 620 Hz and 6 kHz. This sensitivity is centered around much lower frequencies than has been described for other rodents, and the low upper limit found in this study does not indicate an extensive use of ultrasound in Chinchilla.

Terhune and Ronald (1972) have shown a similar curve for the harp seal, Pagophilus groenlandicus. A more terrestrial form is the sea lion, which is more active on land than the seal, and is less adapted anatomically for a truly aquatic life. Schustermann et al. (1972) have investigated the auditory response of the California sea lion, Zalophus californianus, by using a conditioning technique involving the control of underwater click emissions by pure tone stimuli. This technique showed a peak of sensitivity at 16 kHz, with a sensitivity loss of about 60 dB/octave between 28 and 36 kHz.

Constant-Frequency {CF) Microchiroptera As has been indicated earlier, no firm distinction can be drawn between fm and cf bats, but just as there are seemingly exclusively fm bats, so there are species that always appear to include a cf portion in their orien­ tation sounds. The two species that have been studied in most detail are Rhinolophus jerrumequinum and Chilonycteris parnellii ( = C. rubiginosa). a. CM Responses. One of the most remarkable findings in any CM investigations of recent years has been the demonstration of a very sharply tuned peak in the response of Chilonycteris parnellii by Pollak et al.

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