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36] Temperton, C. (1983), "Self-Sorting Mixed Radix Fast Fourier Transforms," Computational Physics 52, 1-23. (1984), "Fast Fourier Transforms on the Cyber 205," in High Speed Computation, J. ), Springer-Verlag, Berlin. [37] - (1991), "Self-Sorting In-Place Fast Fourier Transforms," SIAM J. SCL Stat. Compo 12, July, 808-823. , and Lu, C. (1989), Algorithms for Discrete Fourier Transform and Convolution, Springer-Verlag, New York. [40] Van Loan, C. (1992), Computational Frameworks for the Fast Fourier Transform, in Frontiers in Appl.

Describe the radix-4 2-dimensional auto-sorting algorithm. 1 Introduction The number of elements in a set X will be called the order of X and be denoted by o(X). Suppose throughout that A is a finite abelian group of order N. We begin with some preliminary definitions and results. The cyclic group generated by a E A, gp(a) = {na: n E Z}, has order o(a) dividing N. Moreover, o(a)a = 0 and na = ma if and only if n == m mod o(a). A is the direct sum of subgroups AI, ... , A R , and we write if every a E A can be written uniquely in the form a = a(l) + ...

Since the permutation PI changes the parallel I-dimensional operation I M2L2 ® F(Md ® F(L l ) into the parallel 2-dimensional operation Xl. The matrix acts on A by computing the L 2 x M 2 2-dimensional Fourier transform F(L 2 , M 2 ) as a vector operation on the L 2 M 2 contiguous subblocks of size L l x M l formed by PI, placing the results back in place. We will call matrices of this form vector 2-dimensional operations. Since the permutation PI changes the vector I-dimensional operation F(M2) ® F(L 2 ) ® IMIL I into the vector 2-dimensional operation X 2 • The permutation of A 30 2.

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