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Experimental data are from Ref. [4]. In summary, the chiral constituent quark model based on GBE dynamics predicts all observables of the electroweak nucleon structure in a consistent manner. The covariant results calculated in the framework of the point form relativistic quantum mechanics always fall rather close to the available experimental data. This indicates that a quark model using the proper low-energy degrees of freedom may be capable of providing a reasonable description also of other dynamical phenomena in addition to the baryon spectra.

15] for all elastic electroweak nucleon form factors. rp2 rn2 [fm2 ] [fm2 ] µp [n. ] µn [n. 82 Conf. 8: Proton and neutron charge radii as well as magnetic moments and nucleon axial radius as well as axial charge. Predictions of the GBE model in PFSA (third column), in NRIA (fourth column), and with the confinement interaction only (last column). The calculation are performed in a covariant form using the point form approach to the relativistic quantum mechanics [31]. In the point form the four-momentum operators P µ containing all the dynamics commute with each other and can be simultaneously diagonalized.

10: Spectra of the Ξ and Ω in the semi-relativistic Model II [47]. Although the models considered up to now are thought to be a consequence of the spontaneous chiral symmetry breaking, the chiral partner of the pion, the σ meson is not considered explicitly. One can think that its contribution is already included in the parameters of the spin independent part of the Hamiltonian. But let us consider it explicitly as in the following semi-relativistic Hamiltonian N N p2i + m2i + V0 + H= i=1 i=1 Crij − gσ2 4π e−Λσ r e−µσ r − rij rij .

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