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In Plato’s dialogues, we discover many references to Corybantic rites—rites of initiation played in honor of the goddess Rhea. yet, within the discussion titled Euthydemus, there's greater than a connection with the rites. in the context of Socratic dialectic, the traditional rites of the Corybantes are acted out—although veiled and distorted.

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Using murder in an attempt to cancel the effects of a previous sin is the same process that King David employed when he tried to cover up the sin of adultery with the sin of murder. The plan did not work for David and neither will it work for others. David sowed unto the flesh and reaped God's judgment. God said, "Now therefore the sword shall never depart from thine house" II Samuel 12:10. When God gave His commandments through Moses He consistently gave laws of protection against the shedding of innocent blood, and warned of the judgment of bloodshed that would accompany the violation of these commandments.

We are not to debate the vision nor expect everyone to believe or be impressed by this message from God. My wife, Ida Mae, was open to what I shared. She represents those of the household of faith, those who will believe that the judgments of God are impending upon our land. These will respond to God in a positive way. Why Me? Why would the Lord choose me as a vessel to carry this message of coming judgment? Why did he speak to me in this vision of the night? " Exodus 3:11. I was shown these reasons: (1) I had asked God to speak to me in night visions.

It amazed me that no one else in the stadium seemed the least impressed with what we were seeing. I exclaimed, "This is like something one would read about in the Book of Revelation. " The eagle descended swiftly to the earth. Its exact point of attack was near the stadium but just out of my sight. At this point everyone began to leave the stadium to go to their homes. As the crowd dispersed, I was walking with a few others. Suddenly, there was a second burst of brilliant, white light exactly like the first.

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