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Excerpt from A Treatise on Bessel services: And Their functions to Physics

This e-book has been written in view of the nice and transforming into value of the Bessel features in nearly each department of mathematical physics; and its vital item is to provide in a handy shape rather a lot of the speculation of the features as is important for his or her useful program, and to demonstrate their use by means of a range of actual difficulties, labored out in a few detail.

Some readers should be prone to imagine that the sooner chapters comprise a unnecessary quantity of tedious research; however it has to be remembered that the homes of the Bessel services usually are not with no an curiosity in their personal on basically mathematical grounds, and they have enough money very good illustrations of the more moderen concept of differential equations, and of the speculation of a fancy variable. or even from the merely actual viewpoint it's very unlikely to claim that an analytical formulation is dead for functional reasons; it can be so now, yet adventure has many times proven that the main summary research could by surprise turn out to be of the top value in mathematical physics. actually it is going to be came upon that little, if any, of the analytical concept integrated within the current paintings has didn't be of a few use or different within the later chapters; and we're so tar from pondering that whatever superfluous has been inserted, that shall we virtually want that house may have allowed of a extra prolonged therapy, specifically within the chapters at the complicated thought and on yes integrals.

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Let η(τ ) be the Dedekind η-function. Then η(τ )24 = q ∞ m=1 (1 − q m )24 , q = e2πiτ satisfies η( ατ + β 24 ) = (γτ + δ)12 η(τ )24 . γτ + δ Proof. 10) ϑ′1 1 = −2πη(τ )3 . 2 2 46 LECTURE 5. 4. Let M = α γ β δ ∈ SL(2, Z). Assume that the products αβ, γδ are even. 18) where ζ 8 = 1 and the branch of the square root is chosen to have non-negative real part. Proof. 1 gives immediately that Θ( 2 ατ + β z ; ) = c(M, τ )eπiγz /(γτ +δ) Θ(z; τ ) γτ + δ γτ + δ 0 1 for some constant c(M, τ ) depending only on M and τ .

23) In particular, we get the following Fourier expansion for the Dedekind’s function η(τ ): 1 (−1)r q r(3r+1)/2 . η(τ ) = q 24 r∈Z The positive integers of the form n + (k − 2) n(n−1) , n = 1, 2, . . are called k-gonal 2 numbers. The number of beads arranged in the form of a regular k-polygon is expressed by k-gonal numbers. In the Euler identity we are dealing with pentagonal numbers. They correspond to the powers of q when r is negative. 23) is one of the series of MacDonald’s identities associated to a simple Lie algebra: ar,k q r = r∈Z ∞ (1 − q m )k .

Since we can decrease |δ ± 2γ| in this way, the assertion will follow by induction. Note that we used that |δ ± 2γ| is not equal to |δ| or |γ| because (γ, δ) = 1 and γδ is even. Now, if |δ| < |γ|, we use the substitution τ → −1/τ . 13) we see that the asssertion for M follows from the assertion fo M ′ = This reduces again to the case |δ| > |γ|. β −α δ −γ . 16) is equal to i δ−1 2 γ ( |δ| ) when γ is even and δ is odd. If γ is odd and δ is even, it is equal to e−πiγ/4 ( γδ ). Here ( xy ) is the Jacobi-Legendre symbol, where we also set ( 10 ) = 1.

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