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In its greatest point, the calculus services as a celestial measuring tape, in a position to order the endless expanse of the universe. Time and house are given names, issues, and boundaries; possible intractable difficulties of movement, development, and shape are decreased to answerable questions. Calculus used to be humanity's first try to symbolize the realm and maybe its maximum meditation at the topic of continuity. Charts and graphs all through.

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2) The integer k is less than n and G has the form G(w) = A w g(w) where g : W → Rn−k is a smooth function and A is a nonsingular n × n matrix. 38 1. 46. The set S ⊆ Rn is called a k-dimensional smooth submanifold of Rn if there is a k-dimensional submanifold chart for S at every point x in S. If (W, G) is a submanifold coordinate chart, then the map G is called a submanifold coordinate map. If S is a submanifold of Rn , then, even though we have not defined the concept, let us also call S a smooth manifold.

0 0 −2  Two very important theorems in the subject of differential equations, the stable manifold theorem and the center manifold theorem, will be proved in Chapter 4. 7 Introduction to Invariant Manifolds 31 tangent to the corresponding stable and unstable eigenspaces of the corresponding linearized system. Let us note that the Hartman–Grobman theorem implies that a hyperbolic rest point has stable and unstable invariant sets that are homeomorphic images of the corresponding invariant manifolds for the corresponding linearized system, but it gives no indication that these invariant sets are smooth manifolds.

If two such subsets V1 and V2 overlap, then the domain of the map Ψ1 ◦ Ψ−1 2 : Ψ2 (V1 ∩ V2 ) → W1 is an open subset of Rk whose range is contained in an open subset of Rk . The set S is called a manifold provided that all such “overlap maps” are smooth (see [92] for the formal definition). This abstract notion of a manifold has the advantage that it does not require a manifold to be a subset of a Euclidean space. 55. Prove: If F : Rm → Rn is smooth and F (S1 ) ⊆ S2 for submanifolds S1 and S2 , then the restriction of F to S1 is differentiable.

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