A Russian Advocate of Peace: Vasilii Malinovskii (1765–1814) by P. Ferretti PDF

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Vasilii Fedorovich Malinovskii (1765-1814) is a reputation which has hitherto lacked real resonance within the heritage of Russian tradition. Tt is naturally a reputation recognized to all scholars of Alexander Pushkin's biography, for Malinovskii was once the 1st Director of the hot Tsarskoe Selo Lyceum, if, unfortunately, for less than the 1st 3 of the younger poet's years on the college. For these students conversant with the highbrow and literary lifetime of the "beautiful starting" of the reign of Alexander I's reign Malinovskii has his little area of interest for his striking Rassuzhdenie zero mire i voine (1803) and not more for his Osennie vechera (1803), a little-known magazine restricted to an insignificant 8 weekly matters and written solely through the editor. As regards the of his 'eighteenth-century' Malinovskii, who lived the 1st thirty-five years lifestyles predominantly within the reign of the good Catherine, little info encumbers the reminiscence of even experts of the interval. certainly, his elder brother, Aleksei Fedorovich (1762-1840), is the prone to be remembered for his literary and translating paintings to boot for his later place as Head of the Moscow Archive of the Ministry of international Affairs, which introduced him into touch with Pushkin and, no longer suddenly, with Karamzin. Karamzin stated him as "one of my few previous and actual friends", yet one searches in useless for the same accolade for VasiIii Fedorovich.

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Zur Engla ndken ntni s im Russland des 18. l ahr hun derts', in H. ), Literaturbeziehun gen im 18. Ja hrhundert. Studien ZlI1 d Quellen zur Deu tsch russischen und russisch-westeuropitischen Kommunication (Berlin, 1986), pp . 26 1-270 . 87 Iu. Lotman, Sotvorenie Karamzina (Moskva, 1987), pp. 190. Lotman att rib uted to Malinovskii an important role in Vorontsov' s circle and to the 'Ro ssiiani n v Ang lii' a certain impact on the contemporary liter atur e «

Her hypothesis, which did not appear in any article, was menti oned to me by Prof. Cross in a con ver sation . 38 CHAPTER I and vivid, they seem to have a derivative charactertvs, and as in the case of Malinovskii' s account, some of them are given proper titles, instead of mere geographical indications of the places visited. Very much in the fashion of the time, of a correspondence-miscellany about virtually every pos sible subject, Malinovskii's account alternates its picture of Engl and with openly biographical passage s and serious reflections on general philosoph ical themes, such as happiness or the interdependence of body and mind.

N . , 1874), p. 69. L. Ferri. Genie de M. de Buffon (Par is. 1778). Note Vasilii Fedorovich's appraisal of Buffon in a later work (Rossiianin v Anglii' , XL pp. 145). 20 CHAPTER I always addressed as his «liubez ny i brat»38. S . Saltykov, took part in the capture of the fort of Ochakov and wa s later given the rank of «statskii sovetn ik» (counsellor of State) and appointed Director of the Gosudarstvennyi Assignatsionnyi Bank (State As signat Bank) . P. Sheremetev appointed him to supervise the education of his onl y son Dmitrii Nikolaevich-".

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