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By Jamgon Ameshap Ngawang Sonam

ISBN-10: 1559393386

ISBN-13: 9781559393386

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In Plato’s dialogues, we discover many references to Corybantic rites—rites of initiation played in honor of the goddess Rhea. yet, within the discussion titled Euthydemus, there's greater than a connection with the rites. in the context of Socratic dialectic, the traditional rites of the Corybantes are acted out—although veiled and distorted.

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386 The inner dependently arisen connections are presented by: ... 386 38 A Pleasure Grove Where Satisfaction Arisesfor the Intelligent And also by: ... the path that totally purifies existence. •. there is the sublime attainment of mahamudra, the child of the female embodiment of pure awareness. 388 And also by: The naturally spontaneous svabhavikakaya is achieved. 3s9 This great earth is joyful, elated, and delighted. 390 The three worlds are seen in the place of the mudra. 390 I;>akas and cJakinis gather from afar.

The ability to shake, and so forth, a hundred million vast domains of the sambhogakaya, and so forth. na~ This is presented by: The tenth level of the path of meditation. 374 3· The two levels ofthe third initiation This also has four topics: a. The presentation of the causes b. The presentation of the signs c. The presentation of the result d. The presentation of a final summary a. The causes This consists ofboth the eventual causes and the immediate causes. For the eventual causes, there are both the initiation and the path.

The word sa (level) has been omitted in the first of these two headings, and the second heading mistakenly has the words sa druggi (ofthe six levels), instead ofsa lnga'i (ofthefive levels), which is correctly given later in the text at the beginning of the actual topic. This last sentence is nor actually mentioned in the text, but should be included here. The words brtags bstan pa seem to have been mistakenly inserted instead, and have not been translated. At six points in this section on the transcendent path of turning the wheels the result is initially listed as the third of four topics, but is then actually discussed first or second in sequence.

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