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By Davidson P., et al. (eds.)

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Thus, the review phase of the 1895 manuscript was brought to completion. 9 provides a photograph of each of the participants in this process. On receiving the referees’ assessment, Reynolds evidently reflected on the criticisms and on February 19th sent the following reply: 2 Taking account of the 4-page insert made by Reynolds in the published version, the reference here is to Equations (13)–(19) of the published work. 9 Contemporary images of the distinguished fluid mechanicists involved with the review of Reynolds’ 1895 manuscript.

This head-reeling sentence, 100 words in length, is also remarkable for its naturalness; its innocent admission of the paper’s weaknesses accompanied by its ready self-forgiveness. S. a full preliminary description of this part of the argument which by permission I shall be glad to substitute for the first two lines of §5 p. 3. It contains, what I hope will be found, a clear definition of the terms mean-mean motion and relative-mean motion as well as of mean-motion 1: Osborne Reynolds: a Turbulent Life 29 and heat-motions and of the geometrical distinctions between these motions.

3 In response to Reynolds’ criticism, Lamb replaced ‘empirical formula adopted by Engineers’ in the published book by ‘practical formula adopted by writers on hydraulics’. 1 The final years Publication of the second of his major works on turbulent flow did not mark the end of Reynolds’ creative outpourings. In 1897 he gave the Bakerian Lecture to the Royal Society (Reynolds and Moorby, 1897) reporting measurements of the mechanical equivalent of heat. ” Osborne Reynolds’ final years in Manchester were marked by his intense efforts to provide a mechanical theory of matter and the ether stemming from ideas contained in two earlier papers.

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A journey through turbulence by Davidson P., et al. (eds.)

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