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A servant of Mahadeva. e. a son of Mahadeva. e. the sun. e. the moon. e. the son of Vishnu. e. heaven. Markandeya-purana, i. e. a great Rishi. e. the bird Garuda. e. Narayana. e. the nature charged with the preservation of the world. e. future kings. Although, generally speaking, the list of eighteen mahapuranas in the Indian sources is well established, there are a few discrepancies and problems. 22cd-26). 130. Unless ddikam in the text stands for dgnikam. , GANGADHARAN Liriga0 1973: 19). 1. "14 A more serious problem in the list of eighteen mahapuranas results from the fact that the Siva7Saiva°, which appears in the list of the Visnu° and elsewhere, in a number of texts is replaced by the Vayu°/Vayavlya°.

44—49: R. D. KARMARKAR: The Pariplava (Revolving Cycle of Legends) at the Asvamedha, ABORI 33, 1952, 26-40. If Hazra is right that during the asvamedha there were 36 different recitations, it is tempting to connect this figure with the traditional number of puranas. 1 WILSON 1840 = 1961: xiii-xvi. 3 Eighteen Puranas 31 "It is peculiar that this list of 'eighteen Puranas' is given in each one of them, as though none were the first and none the last, but all had already existed when each separate one was composed ...

1963: 466-467), which is more explicit than the original. 2, 1941, 148, quoting HARAPRASAD SHASTRI 1928a: lxxxv. , not CE). 4 Thus MACDONELL 1900: 290 = 21962: 251; PARGITER 1922: 22; RAMACHANDRA DIK- SHITAR 1932: 761. 5 HAZRA 1940: 3. Cf. W. HOPKINS: Quantitative Variations in the Calcutta and Bombay Texts of the Mahabharata, PrAOS Oct. 31, 1888, JAOS 14, 1890, iv-vi. 6 CE Appendix I, No. 6. 7 8 HAZRA 1940: 4; cf. HAZRA 1962: 246. 131; cf. 21-24. 32 L. Rocher • The Puranas 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.

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