A Dictionary of North East Dialect by Bill Griffiths PDF

By Bill Griffiths

ISBN-10: 1458784843

ISBN-13: 9781458784841

As interesting because it is informative, this dictionary bargains documents and reasons of a northern English dialect. The learn offers information regarding phrases that return so far as the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings in addition to these found in cutting-edge vernacular. perfect for a person attracted to English etymology, this reference is thorough and crucial.

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1935; “yor like the coo’s tail, elwis late” Ashington C20/mid. [OE cu]. For plural see ky copple to tip or topple “to copple the creels” (turn a somersault) Viereck re Gateshead, 1966; “koppel owa – tip over” Dodd MS Tanfield Lea C20/2. EDD distribution to 1900: East Anglia; not in OED. Plus “cropple your creels” Shotton 2001 Q. 249 imperial gallons” Bell MS Newc 1815; “corf – a basket for bringing coals out of the pit: ‘lensda hand on wi’ ma corf ’” Pitman’s Pay G’head 1820s; “corf – a large wicker-work basket, used for drawing coals out of the pits; made of strong hazel rods” Brockett Newc & Nth 1829; “corve, curve – a small waggon, wheelless but having iron runners, in use in the coal-pits” Atkinson Cleve 1868; “hoo korves an’ trams gov way te tubs” Barrass Stanley 1890s.

12]. See also clooty, proggie mat clivvor, clever 1. amazing, skillful, 2. healthy 1. “Sir John’s clivvor job/wi’ the aaful Lambton Worm” ‘Lambton Worm’ 1867; “clivor – skillful” S’d 2001 Q. EDD distribution to 1900: general 2. 1890; “How are ye the day, lad? – Man, aa’s clivvor” Heslop Newc 1890s; “Aa’m not very clever today” AK Newc, 1940s, sim. JS Easington C20/mid; “Adivven’t feelower clivver” East Boldon, 1985; “I’m not feeling ower clivva today” Charver 2000–2002. EDD distribution to 1900: general clock see blackclock clocking-hen see chicken clog 1.

Chucks – a game among girls; played with five of these shells, and sometimes with pebbles, called chuckie-stanes” Brockett Newc & Nth 1829; “chucks – a game among girls played with shells; also the shells themselves” Luckley Alnwick 1870s; “chuckstones” IA S’m 1950s,60s; “chuckstanes or chuckie stanes” (dexterity game with shells or pebbles) Geeson N’d/D’m 1969; “chucks – a game played by children with pebbles called chuckie stones” Graham Geordie 1979. NE 2001 – in use (chucks). Plus: “checks” (the game) M’bro.

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